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allocacoc PowerCube Original blue Type F for Extended Cubes

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allocacoc PowerCube Original - multiply your socket

Often we will find ourselves short of power sockets at home to supply power to all the appliances that we want to use at the same time. Either because they are blocked by bulky plugs and cannot be used anymore, or there are just a few near us. Using regular extension cords to multiply sockets, often deals with long unnecessary cords.

Due to legal regulations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, the plug of the PowerCube Original is equipped with a RIB so that it cannot be plugged directly into the socket. The PowerCube Original + RIB can therefore only be used to extend the PowerCube Extended models with cable. Several PowerCubes can be connected to each other.


  • Provides five additional outlets, and can expand to even more outlets when combined
  • Prevents plugs from blocking each other, due to its cubic shape
  • Compact design

Instruction manual (languages):  DE, EN, NL, FR, IT, ES, SV, FI,  EL, TW, CN, MY


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Product Features Cables
Feature1: typ-f-buchse
Feature2: typ-f-stecker

Type: Multiple Socket

Connector A
Quantity: 5x
Form: Earth Contact (Type F)
Type: Socket

Connector B
Quantity: 1x
Form: Earth Contact (Type F)
Type: Plug

Field of Application: Indoors

Colour: White / Blue
Weight (g): 227

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