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Samyang F 3,5/8 UMC Fish-Eye II Nikon AE

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3.197,00 kn

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    Unutar 3-10 radnih dana.

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The Samyang 8mm f/3.5 Asph IF MC Fisheye CSII DH Lens features a detachable lens hood (DH), otherwise is the same (optically and mechanically) as the non detachable hood version.

This Nikon AE version of the Samyang 8mm features an electronic circuit which allows for full control of exposure parameters accessible from the Nikon camera, including i-TTL flash communication and EXIF data with all Nikon Digital SLR cameras. It is a high quality Fisheye type ultra wide angle lens for Nikon SLRS / DSLRS with an APS-C size Cropped Sensor (CS).

It is a “full frame” diagonal fisheye lens for APS-C DSLRs, meaning that the image it produces fills the frame on APS-C cameras. It produces an immense field of view - 180 degrees.

On Full frame cameras, it produces a vignetted image, which is almost circular with the lens hood detached. This effect is required for user wanting the biggest image / field of view for panoramic software on full frame cameras, and one of the reasons Samyang produced this removable lens hood version. The Samyang 8 mm Fish-eye lens is ideal for creating panoramas and 360 virtual tours, including full 360 degree images with the correct hardware and various 3rd party panoramic software supplied by other vendors.

The optical construction of the lens is 10 elements placed in 7 optical groups. The Samyang 8mm fisheye features an aspherical hybrid lens and newest generation multilayer anti–reflection multi-coating (MC) to minimise flare and ghosting.

As with all current Samyang lenses it features manual focus. The body of the 8mm fish-eye lens does not change size due to the IF Internal focusing design.

Fisheye lenses are also popular for special effects use where distortion and field curvature, exaggerated perspective, or extreme depth of field are desired. Groups such as skateboarders are embracing the Samyang fisheyes for skate videos and photography, due to their very high quality, yet are an extremely affordable option; the alternatives are highly expensive, or are low quality lens adapters offering sub-standard quality.

The Samyang 8mm fisheye lens offers some of the best optics in a lens for its class, and exceptional value for money. A specialist lens, affordable to every photographer.

  • Manual focusing

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Lens type: Fixed Focal Length
Mounting Type: Nikon
Macro Lens: No
Fisheye: Yes
Video Lens: No
Tilt Lens: No

Type of Sensor: APS-C
Focus Control: Manual Focus
Luminous Intensity: 3,5
Focal Length (mm): 8
Stabiliser: No
Minimum Focus (cm): 30
Lens Shade: Yes
Start Focal Length (mm): 8,0
End Focal Length (mm): 8,0
Light Intensity of: 3,5
Light Intensity to: 3,5

Colour: Black
Length (mm): 72,6
Diameter (mm): 77,8
Weight (g): 410

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