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Trekstor SurfTab breeze 9.6 quad crni 3G TABLET - ODMAH DOSTUPAN - TOP PONUDA

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9.6" Android tablet with a quad core processor, 3G, 16 GB of storage and 1 GB RAM

Designed for globetrotters, online aficionados and those aspiring to these roles, Trekstor prduced high-grade Androids in 3G versions, too. In addition to enabling you to enjoy going online, the SurfTab breeze 9.6 quad 3G also features a telephone function!

So far so good
Everything you know about the SurfTab breeze 9.6 quad also applies to the 3G version.
The SurfTab breeze 9.6 quad 3G is another allrounder driven by the powerful Intel® Atom™ x3-C3230RK quad core processor and actively supported by 1 GB RAM. The high-contrast, colour-stable HD IPS display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels showcases its skills from every perspective.
The SurfTab offers all of the connection options required to enjoy your tablet to the fullest. These range from the Micro-USB 2.0 with a host function to the card reader that makes it possible to expand the storage of the internal 16 GB memory by up to 128 GB right through to an audio socket and a microphone. Needless to say, the SurfTab breeze 9.6 quad 3G features two cameras, meaning you can express your creativity or just keep in touch with your loved ones via video chat.

The integrated WiFi and Bluetooth wireless interfaces enable uncomplicated data exchange with all available devices. If you like, the SurfTab can turn the 9.6-inch display into an XXL display via Miracast™ by allowing you to simply stream your content on a Miracast-enabled television.

The SurfTab breeze 9.6 quad 3G also opens up a few other opportunities for you!

The whole world is mobile
We’re sure you’ve already taken the step from a cable-based network to WiFi. It’s time to go one step further. Wouldn’t you like to keep all of your (online) options open?
Do you want to conveniently call up information any time and from anywhere in real time, communicate with family and friends, maintain business contacts, have immediate access to the latest news and information, send e-mails on the go, access weather reports for anywhere in the world, skype friends, shop online, upload pictures to your social networks, and stream music and videos wherever you want?
This is the power of mobile Internet: maximum flexibility, independence and, as a result, freedom.
Experience freedom with the SurfTab breeze 9.6 quad 3G.
Measuring a slim 9.9 mm and only weighing around 500 g, it cuts a fine figure. The classically elegant design and frames of discreetly contrasting colours give this SurfTab that certain something.

The integrated telephone function even allows you to make and take calls, just like you’re used to. Have a nice chat when it’s easier to say what’s on your mind than write it.
Among many other things, you can call and ask for directions, although that’s not really necessary with the SurfTab breeze 9.6 quad 3G. This is because the integrated GPS module makes it an outstanding navigation device, helping you swiftly reach your destination.
The SurfTab breeze 9.6 quad 3G will save you a lot of time.
Versatility and flexibility are two features of any description of an allrounder like our SurfTab breeze 9.6 quad 3G. And the current Android™ 5.1.1 (Lollipop) does it justice, as it can be scaled to all form factors without problems, including our SurfTab breeze 9.6 quad 3G

Measuring a slim 9.9 mm and only weighing around 500 g, it cuts a fine figure. The classically elegant design and frames of discreetly contrasting colours give this SurfTab that certain something.

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