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Sony NPA-MQZ1K Multiple Battery Adapter Set

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Multiple battery adapter set

For a longer service life
This battery adapter can charge four NP-FZ100 Z-series batteries and supports longer life.

Powering a camera compatible with Z or W series batteries
This set of multi-battery adapters allows you to connect a camera and power a camera that uses an NP-FZ100 Z or NP-FW50 W series battery. When the cover for Z-Series batteries is removed, the circuit board that is compatible with a W-Series battery fits.

Fast charging of an NP-FZ100 battery
This battery adapter can quickly charge up to four batteries of the NP-FZ100 Z-Series1 in approx. 480 minutes2 via the power supply. The charging status is indicated by a 3-stage LED when the test button for remaining battery power is pressed.

Select power supply or battery charge
The D. C. out/charge switch in the middle of the front panel allows you to choose between powering from the batteries or charging the batteries.

Equipped with two USB ports for power output
A camera/USB selector switch allows switching between the DC outputs. This allows you to select whether to feed electrical power to the camera body or to other USB-connected electronic devices.

Flexible settings for a wide range of recording options
This battery adapter offers three screw sockets on the top and bottom side (6 sockets in total) allowing flexible thread mounting with a mounting plate and screws.

When you remove the battery protector and attach battery connection covers, the multi-battery adapter turns into a smaller, easy-to-carry adapter for two batteries.

1 NP-FW50 W-Series batteries cannot be charged with this adapter.

2 If the charge level reaches more than 90 % of the battery capacity, the charging lamp switches off to indicate a "normal charge level". If the charging process is continued for another 160 minutes (approx.) (with four batteries), the battery will reach the "fully charged" state of charge, which allows an even longer use.

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Type: Charger

For Rechargeable Battery Technology: Lithium-Ion
Charging Time (Min.): 480

Number of Charging Compartments: 4
Charge Status Indicator: Yes
Inc. Charger Cable: Yes
Rechargeable Batteries Included in Delivery: 2

Colour: Black
Dimensions (mm): 123,4 x 67,8 x 66,2
Weight (g): 400

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