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walimex pro Medow 960 Pro Bi Color Ring Light

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Walimex pro LED Ring Light Medow 960 Pro Bi Color


  • Powerful and excellently equipped LED ring light for photo and video recording
  • Very high-quality, soft and even light, CRI =95 Ra, flicker-free
  • Diameter: outside 45 cm, inside 30 cm
  • 96 Watt power for max. 5,300 lumen, Bi Color, colour temperature adjustable from 3,200 to 5,500 Kelvin
  • brightness continuously dimmable from 0 to 100 %, incl. remote control and illuminated display
  • Power supply via power supply unit or 2x NP-F battery slots
  • Incl. inclinable tripod holder, ball head, smartphone holder and make-up mirror
  • Ideal for portrait, macro and product photography or as a video light for VLogging and YouTube shots

Powerful ring light with first-class equipment and many clever detail solutions
The Walimex pro Medow 960 Pro Bi Color is an LED ring light, which stands out from the mass of simple ring lights by its strong performance as well as by its extremely modern, rich and sophisticated equipment.
96 watts of power offer you extraordinary power reserves and the quality of the light produced guarantees first-class photo and video results thanks to a CRI of =95 Ra. The light is dimmable from 0-100% and the colour temperature can be regulated from 3,200 to 5,500 Kelvin. The power supply via mains adapter or NP-F battery slots as well as the operation via remote control offer maximum comfort in every situation. A large number of intelligent detail solutions and the rich equipment already ex works make handling even for professionals a pleasure.

Most modern, efficient equipment
The Medow 960 Pro ring light envelops your motif in an almost shadowless, soft and flattering light. A maximum output of 96 watts thanks to 480 modern high-performance LED´s provide a high luminous efficacy of up to 5,300 lumens. Thanks to a CRI value of = 95 Ra, the quality of the light is outstanding. This gives you first-class, realistic images that you can judge directly.

Uniform, homogeneous light
The built-in diffuser of the Walimex pro Medow 960 Bi Color lamp provides a very uniform, homogeneous light that is not dazzling and flicker-free. The brightness and colour temperature of this ring light can be adjusted extremely precisely to your wishes. The brightness can be dimmed from 0 to 100% and the colour temperature is exactly adjustable from 3,200 to 5,500K in 10 Kelvin steps from warm to cold white. So you get exactly the effects you want.

User-friendly and intelligent detail solutions
You can use the supplied remote control or one of the two control buttons (1x on the front, 1x on the back of the device) to adjust the details of the ring light. This is extremely comfortable and helpful, especially in practical use. The selected values are always easy to read on the illuminated displays on the unit and the remote control. Six different groups and 50 channels give you full control even when using several lights.

Large ring light for optimum room for manoeuvre
The Medow 960 Pro Bi Color is a large ring light with an outer diameter of 45 cm and an inner diameter of 30 cm. This allows it to be used for larger objects and makes it easier to place recording devices such as cameras or smartphones inside the ring light. So you can easily photograph or record freehand through the ring opening or attach your equipment to the included brackets.

Versatile mounts included
The ring light has a steplessly inclinable tripod holder. Thanks to the 16mm spigot connection (5/8 inch) the ring light can be attached to any standard lamp tripod. You can mount a camera on the supplied ball head and also the admission with an iPhone or Smartphone is possible at any time thanks to mobile phone holder. Here you are very flexible with the placement of your equipment by two flash shoe adapters (1x in the middle of the lamp, 1x at the upper side of the housing). For example, a separate microphone is ideally located in the upper flash shoe holder, while your recording device is centrally located in the middle of the ring light.

Operation with mains adapter or NP-F rechargeable batteries
The Walimex pro Medow 960 Pro Bi Color lamp is ideal for both studio and mobile use. When used with the power supply unit, a 6-metre connection cable ensures convenient connection to your power socket. Alternatively, the luminaire can also be operated with the two NP-F battery slots. The batteries of the Sony NP-F series (or compatible batteries) are very powerful and cost-effective. Both NP-F 740 and NP-F 960 or 970 rechargeable batteries can be used and ensure hours of use even in mobile use.

Full scope of delivery already out-of-the-box
Whether in the studio or on location - with the Medow 960 Pro you have all the equipment of this ring light always tidy and ready to hand. A cosmetic mirror included in the scope of delivery additionally facilitates the optimal appearance of your model as a nice gadget. Thus, first-class and professional photographs can be made with ease.
The padded bag comfortably holds the ring light including power supply, cable, remote control, ball head, smartphone holder and make-up mirror.

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Studio Light / Type: Ring Light
Assembly (W): 1 x 96
Tripod Connection: 5/8 inch Spigot
Cable Length (m): 6
Dimensions (cm): 45 x 50 x 6
Weight (g): 1420

Type of Bulb: LED

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