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Kenko Teleplus HDpro 1,4x N-F DGX

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KENKO TELEPLUS HD pro 1.4x DGX is a tele converter designed to make images more impressive by turning your master lens into a tele lens and capturing the object more close.
By installing it between the lens and the camera body, KENKO TELEPLUS HD pro 1.4x DGX increases the effective focal length of your lens by 1.4x.
Precisely made in Japan and compatible with a wide range of genuine cameras and lenses, it is particularly helpful for those professional photographers as well as amateurs who may need a tele lens but feel no reason to purchase a new expensive one due to low frequency of use. Its small size and compact design also allow to conveniently carry it all the time in your gears bag instead of numerous and heavy lenses.
An optional accessory to bring your photos on a new level of creativity in the most convenient way.

  • For Nikon F mount

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Type: Teleconverter

Focal Length Factor (x): 1,4

Length (mm): 19,4
Diameter (mm): 67,5
Colour: Black / Silver
Weight (g): 129

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