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WERA Kraftform Kompakt 20 Tool Finder 2

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Kraftform Kompakt 20 Tool Finder 2 with Bag

13-piece Kraftform compact set with 6x 25 mm long and 6x 89 mm long bits. The Wera compact tools enable the simultaneous use of the two screwing types "hand" or "machine". The handle interchangeable blade system in a compact design with different blade tips in a minimum of space makes the user mobile and flexible. Suitable for bits with 1/4" external hexagon drive according to DIN ISO 1173-C 6.3 and E 6.3 (ISO 1173) and Wera connection series 1 and 4. With connecting part, bayonet, Rapidaptor technology. Kraftform handle with roll-off protection, multi-component for particularly ergonomic screwing. Integrated magazine for the storage of 25 mm long bits. This set replaces a 12-piece screwdriver set and reduces the necessary equipment to a minimum. The profile and size of the bits are easily recognisable by the Wera tool finder Take it easy with its colour coding and clearly visible lettering. Bits with high corrosion protection due to electroless nickel coating.


  • Kraftform bit holder with bayonet blade and Rapidaptor quick-release chuck
  • Kraftform handle with anti-roll feature, multi-component and integrated magazine
  • bayonet blade retractable in handle
  • The 6 x 25 mm bits with "Take it easy" colour coding make it easy to find the required tool according to profile and size
  • Bits with high corrosion protection due to electroless nickel coating
  • dimensions: 173 x 80 x 73 mm
  • weight: 403 g

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Product Features
Feature1: kreuzschlitz
Feature2: kreuzschlitz-pozidriv
Feature3: torx
Feature4: innensechskant
Feature5: aussensechskant

Type: Screwdriver Set

Number of Parts: 13
Material: Steel / Plastic
Colour: Multi-Colour

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