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Visible Dust MXD100 Green 1.0x Vswabs bulk 50 pcs.

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Visible Dust MXD-100 Green 1.0x Vswabs bulk 50 pieces

The sensor cleaning swabs with the unique folding system are specially designed to clean your sensitive sensor without leaving streaks or other residues. The small channels in the fabric ensure even saturation of the swab while preventing the liquid from confluent or vertical flow at the edge. This reduces the streaking that is common with conventional swabs with a smooth surface. The mini-channels also absorb excess fluid, extending the life of the swabs. Compatible with Sensor Clean, Smear Away, CMOS Clean or VDust Plus sensor cleaners.


  • the mini-channels ensure an even saturation of the swab
  • the V-shape lets you manoeuvre perfectly in the digital camera chamber
  • the folding system is specially designed for sensor cleaning; without stripes or other residues
  • the included SwabLight offers a better and clearer view of the sensor surface - better cleaning of edges and corners possible
  • Quantity: 50
  • Colour: green
  • Size: 24 mm

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Cleaning & Care: Cleaning Swabs

Cleaning Swab: 50
Plug-On Light: 1
Gloves: No

Swab (Type): MXD100 (green)
Swab (Size): 1.0x (24 mm)

Purpose of Use: Sensor Cleaning
Colour: Green

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