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Levenhuk DTX 43 digital Magnifier

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  • Dostupno na skladištu dobavljača

  • Vrijeme isporuke:
    Unutar 3-14 radnih dana.

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Levenhuk DTX 43 Digital Magnifying Glass

The Levenhuk DTX 43 is a digital magnifying glass and an excellent choice for reading and working with small illustrations. This optical instrument offers four fixed magnification levels and seven colour modes for text display. You can connect the magnifier to a computer or television and save screenshots on a memory card as you work. The magnifying glass works on mains power or battery. One battery charge lasts for about 120 minutes.

This magnifying instrument is very easy to use. Simply place the Levenhuk DTX 43 digital magnifier over the text and slide it back and forth while reading. An enlarged image is immediately displayed on the integrated LCD display. Magnification and colour mode can be changed during operation. You can trigger a screenshot at any time with a button. The image is recorded in the magnifying glass's memory and you can copy it to a computer for later studies. To save photos on your hard drive, connect the magnifying glass to your computer. The magnifier can also be used for lectures and presentations to display images in real time on an external screen.

The Levenhuk DTX 43 magnifying glass is perfect for reading in poor lighting conditions - the magnifying glass has integrated LED lighting. The magnifier is equipped with a telescopic stand so that it can be held above the table even when floating. The magnifier thus supports you when writing texts or solving crossword puzzles.


  • LCD display 4.3" (10.92 cm diagonal)
  • 7 colour modes
  • TV and PC port
  • Battery operation up to 120 min. without charging
  • LED illumination
  • Support for memory cards
  • Still image function
  • Possibility to take photos
  • Telescopic tripod

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Type: Desk Magnifier

Lighting: Yes
Spot Lens: No

Magnification Main Lens (x): 6 - 14

Energy Supply
Type of Battery / Rechargeable Battery: Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
Required Number: 1

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