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Lensbaby Optic Swap Macro Collection for Canon RF

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4.060,00 kn

Istaknuta cijena odnosi se na gotovinsko, virmansko i kartično jednokratno plaćanje.

Cijena za obročno plaćanje: 4.323,90 kn
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    Unutar 3-10 radnih dana.

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Lensbaby Optic Swap Macro Collection for Canon RF

The Optic Swap Macro Collection is designed for photographers who want to get up close and personal with their subjects. Create extraordinary macro shots or miniaturise a life-size city or landscape scene - all in the camera.  With the close-up lenses included, you can achieve a magnification of more than 1:1 at a close-up limit of 8.25 cm.


  • The set includes a Composer Pro II and two lenses (Sweet 80 + Edge 80)
  • Close-up limit without macro accessories: 48.26 cm / with macro accessories: 8.25 cm
  • Incl. multi-coated close-up lenses (+1, +2 and +4)
  • The Sweet 80 brings your main subject into sharp focus and creates a soft, round bokeh surrounded by a dreamlike blur.
  • With the Edge 80, you control the focus area and create shots with a sharp focus surrounded by a soft blur. This allows you to highlight details, control the viewer's eye and tell a unique story through selective focus settings or miniaturising landscapes, for example.
  • Suitable for Canon RF

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Lens type: Fixed Focal Length
Mounting Type: Canon
Macro Lens: Yes
Video Lens: Yes

Type of Sensor: Full Frame / APS-C
Focus Control: Manual Focus
Luminous Intensity: 2,8
Focal Length (mm): 80
Stabiliser: No
Filter Thread (mm): 46
Start Focal Length (mm): 80,0
End Focal Length (mm): 80,0
Light Intensity of: 2,8
Light Intensity to: 2,8

Colour: Black / Silver

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