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Lensbaby Optic Swap Macro Collection for Sony E

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Lensbaby Optic Swap Macro Collection for Sony E

The Optic Swap Macro Collection is designed for photographers who want to get up close and personal with their subjects. Create extraordinary macro shots or miniaturise a life-size city or landscape scene - all in the camera.  With the close-up lenses included, you can achieve a magnification of more than 1:1 at a close-up limit of 8.25 cm.


  • The set includes a Composer Pro II and two lenses (Sweet 80 + Edge 80)
  • Close-up limit without macro accessories: 48.26 cm / with macro accessories: 8.25 cm
  • Incl. multi-coated close-up lenses (+1, +2 and +4)
  • The Sweet 80 brings your main subject into sharp focus and creates a soft, round bokeh surrounded by a dreamlike blur.
  • With the Edge 80, you control the focus area and create shots with a sharp focus surrounded by a soft blur. This allows you to highlight details, control the viewer's eye and tell a unique story through selective focus settings or miniaturising landscapes, for example.
  • Suitable for Sony E

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Lens type: Fixed Focal Length
Mounting Type: Sony E-Mount
Macro Lens: Yes
Video Lens: Yes

Type of Sensor: Full Frame / APS-C
Focus Control: Manual Focus
Luminous Intensity: 2,8
Focal Length (mm): 80
Stabiliser: No
Filter Thread (mm): 46
Start Focal Length (mm): 80,0
End Focal Length (mm): 80,0
Light Intensity of: 2,8
Light Intensity to: 2,8

Colour: Black / Silver

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