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B+W F-Pro 702 Grey Graduated 25% MRC 72mm

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B+W Graduated ND Filter 702

Due to the twice as strong light attenuation by two f- stops (transmission of 25%, max. 2 stops), this graduated filter could lead to quite dramatic effects. Be-cause of the higher difference in brightness it is even more important that the horizontal line is not too far away from the image centre to avoid an unnatural impression.

B+W graduated neutral density filters are often used in landscape photography in order to avoid an overexposure of the sky with a correct exposure of the ground. As in overexposured areas of the picture image information is normally lost the effect of this filter can hardly be simulated by electronic image processing.

The filters are coloured neutral gray with a smooth transition into the neutral filter half. With screwed filter the rotatable mount allows an exact horizontal alignment. The glass substrate of the B+W ND filter 702 is absolutely plane and parallel and finely polished. This guarantees a long lasting high optical quality. By means of thin layer technology the ND gradient is evaporated. The below values refer to the darkest filter glass parts:

  • 702 + 2 stop (25% transmission)

The graduated ND filters are provided with a high quality MRC coating. MRC (Multi Resistant Coating) coated filters have an MC layer ensuring a high transmission and maximum anti-reflective surface. Scattered light is eliminated and by this means achieving more brilliant colours and higher contrasts. Due to the low residual reflection MRC reliably avoids ghost images possibly caused by re-reflection from the sensor surface. In addition, MRC prevents the filter from scratches by means of an increased layer hardness, at the same time maintaining the high optical quality. Furthermore, MRC is dirt and water repellent and makes cleaning much more easier.

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Grey Filter: Yes
Light Pollution Filter: No

Diameter (mm): 72

Multi Coated: Yes
Information: Grey Grad Filter

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