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TensCare Tens One Pain Relief Machine

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TensCare Tens One Pain Relief Device

Tens One is a precise and versatile device that is easy to use and designed for drug-free pain relief for a variety of conditions. It is equipped with simple settings and rotating strength control knobs.

The Tens One blocks the pain signal and releases endorphins instead - the pain is fought with electricity. The device is intended for pain relief from sore muscles in the lower back, arms or legs.

In addition, an idle system is integrated, i.e. when the electrode is not in full contact with the skin, the current is automatically switched off.


  • Rotary control and large buttons
  • 2 independent channels and 3 modes
  • LC display
  • battery operated; 2x 1,5 AA

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Type: Electric Stimulation Device

Power Supply
Energy Supply: Battery
Type of Battery / Rechargeable Battery: AA Mignon
Required Number: 2

Colour: White / Grey
Width (cm): 6,7
Height (cm): 10
Depth (cm): 3,2
Weight (g): 140

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