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Bosch Indego S 500 robotic lawn mower

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Robot lawnmower with Connect function for smaller gardens up to 500 m²: Bosch Indego S 500 

AUTO Calendar Function
The Indego independently maps your lawn and creates a mowing schedule that is perfectly matched to the size of your lawn. Manual programming is no longer necessary. Keep your Indego S 500 up to date with the latest equipment and firmware.

No need to collect grass clippings
The Indego's mulching system evenly distributes grass clippings for a fertilized, healthy lawn.

Obstacle detection
The Indego uses smart sensor technology that allows it to easily detect and avoid obstacles so it can continue on its intended mowing route.

Software updates
Simply go to bosch-indego.com to download the software update to a commercially available USB flash drive, plug the USB cable into the port on the back of the mower and install the software.

Mowing close to the edge
The Indego begins the next comprehensive lawn mowing with an edge cut (edge mowing) to ensure a clean finish to the edge of the defined lawn area.

Targeted mowing of small areas
SpotMow allows the Indego to work on small areas up to 9 m², making it ideal for mowing sections of lawn that are normally hidden by garden furniture.


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Type: Robotic Lawn Mower
Operating Mode: Rechargeable Battery

Technical Data
Max. Lawn Size (m²): 500
Max. Slope (degree): 27
Number of Cutting-Height Scale: 3
Adjustable Cutting Height: Yes
Mowing Height (mm): 30 - 50
Cutting Width (cm): 19
Cutting Width (cm): <20

Wheel Drive: Yes
Mulching Function: Yes

Energy Supply
Battery Voltage (V): 18
Type of Battery / Rechargeable Battery: Lithium-Ion
Rechargeable Batteries Included in Delivery: 1
Operating Time (min.): 60
Charging Time (h): 1

Colour: Green / Black
Width (cm): 36,4
Height (cm): 20,2
Depth (cm): 44,5
Weight (kg): 7,6

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