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Hama Air Quality Measurer Safe

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Hama Air Quality Meter "Safe", CO2, Temperature, Humidity Measurement

The air measuring device supports you in healthy living. In addition to the carbon dioxide content in the room air, the CO2 meter also measures the humidity and the temperature. This way you can find the right balance between ventilation and heating for a healthy indoor climate and your well-being.


  • Compact air quality meter for determining the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2), incl. temperature and humidity display.
  • Suitable for indoor use (e.g. living room, bedroom, children's room and office)
  • the built-in high-quality NDIR sensor delivers particularly reliable measured values
  • Display of the CO2 content in ppm
  • CO2 air quality display with the following fields: GOOD (Green field = good air quality), NORMAL (Yellow field = normal air quality) and POOR (Red field = poor air quality).
  • Stores minimum and maximum measured values of CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity
  • Temperature display switchable between degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Humidity display in percent
  • Excessive carbon dioxide levels can cause concentration problems, headaches and fatigue: the air quality meter also warns you acoustically when levels are too high and reminds you to ventilate at regular intervals.
  • The rechargeable battery allows the device to be operated for up to 3.5 hours without power supply
  • Battery status bar in 4 bars
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 3.5 x 7.5 x 7.5 cm

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Type: Air Quality Measuring Device

Outdoor Transmitter: No
Barometer: No
Hygrometer: Yes
Rain Gauge: No
Wind Speed: No
Storm Warning: No

Satellite-based: No
Weather Forecast: No
Wake Up Function: No

Display: LCD
Backlight: Yes

Temperature: Yes
Temperature Indicator: °C / °F
Humidity: Yes

Radio Reception (Time)
DCF (Europe): No
MSF (UK): No
JJY (Japan): No

Energy Supply Weather Station
Energy Supply: Battery / Mains
Required Number of Batteries / Rechargeable Batteries: 1

Colour: Black
Width (cm): 7,5
Height (cm): 7,5
Depth (cm): 3,5

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