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Swirl PC 87 (PC90) MP Plus AirSpace

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Swirl PC 87 (PC90) MicroPor Plus AirSpace

AirSpace® Technology for high suction power...

These vacuum cleaner bags have an extra filter chamber, which pre-filters dirt and dust and distributes the dust better in the bag. This means you maintain the highest suction power of your vacuum cleaner until the bag is full, perform.

Swirl® AirSpace® vacuum filter bags...have round corners.

For you this means: the bag fits perfectly in your vacuum cleaner - nothing can go wrong.

Every AirSpace® vacuum cleaner bag has a well thought out closure system, it keeps everything to itself and will never again stir up the dust.

Swirl® vacuum filter bags with MicoPor filtration guarantee reliable cleaning performance thanks to their special MicroPor storage layer.

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Number of filter bags: 4
Number of filters: 1
Material: Fleece
Dirtlock: Yes

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