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Amaran P60x 3 LED Panel Kit

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Amaran P60x - 3-Light Kit (EU)

The Amaran P60x is an advanced bi-colour LED panel for content creators, videographers and indie filmmakers. Its optical design (45°) enables the 60W RGBWW LED chipset to deliver a high-intensity light output, with an impressive 5070 lux at 1 metre (at 5600K). Additionally, colour temperature and saturation can be controlled via the onboard elements or the Sidus Link app. The robust luminaire also offers ten built-in lighting effects and up to 46 coloured gel presets, as well as four user-adjustable preset buttons. Through the Sidus Link app, users can also access special tools such as Source Match and Custom FX.

The Amaran P60x accomplishes all this while providing excellent colour fidelity with a CRI of 95+ and TLCI of 97+. The luminaire is powered by the supplied AC adapter or two Sony NP-F rechargeable batteries. Two NP-F batteries provide power for more than one hour. When connected to AC power, the P60c can also charge NP-F batteries, making it the perfect multi-tool for content creators. The unique design of the P60x allows users to attach the included foldable softbox to the corners of the panel without additional tools or screws. Also included is a 45° grille for the softbox that minimises light diffusion and attaches easily with Velcro. The P60 series is compact, lightweight and portable - making it a flexible tool for any video set.

The P60 range from Amaran is aimed at filmmakers who need a portable and flexible lighting solution that can use NP-F batteries in addition to mains power, and can also charge them. If you are looking for a simple bi-colour light and don't need a full-colour panel, the P60x is the ideal companion for your shoots. The optical design allows the P60c to provide a natural, medium light or act as a soft light source via the supplied softbox. Compatibility with the Sidus Link app also gives users the option to edit settings remotely, allowing them to remain in front of or behind the camera. With the Source Match feature, selecting the perfect colour for a scene has never been easier.


  • 60W bi-colour LED softlight panel
  • 5070 lux @ 1 metre (5600K)
  • colour temperature adjustable from 3200K to 6500K
  • infinitely dimmable from 0 to 100%
  • compatible with SidusLink App
  • unique optical design creates more organic shadows
  • ultra-quiet active cooling system
  • 4 built-in light effects: Paparazzi, Strobe, Fireworks, Pulsing
  • built-in Sony NP-F battery plates (can be used for battery charging)
  • locking DC input
  • optionally operable via D-Tap via 2-pin cable (sold separately)
  • OLED display
  • tool-free attachable softbox with light grid (45°)
  • softbox folds to 20 cm
  • three 1/4''-20 mounting points
  • swivelling attachment with umbrella holder
  • softcase included
  • operating temperature: -20°C to 45°C

Tech specs:

  • colour temperature: 3200K to 6500K
  • CRI: 95+, TLCI: 97+, SSI (Tungsten): 84+, SSI (D56): 72+
  • light angle: 45
  • maximum current output: 60 W
  • maximum power consumption: 78 W or less
  • operating current: 4.5 A
  • Operating voltage: 15 V (AC power supply); 12-16.8 V (D-Tap); 6.5-8.4 V (NP-F battery)
  • DC input: 2-pole locking, waterproof
  • control options: Onboard switch, Sidus Link app
  • dimensions: 25.1 x 17.5 x 3.95 cm
  • weight: 979 g


  • 3200 K: 539 lux @ 3 m (without softbox), 116 lux @ 3 m (with softbox).
  • 4300 K: 550 lux @ 3 m (without softbox), 119 lux @ 3 m (with softbox)
  • 5600 K: 572 lux @ 3 m (without softbox), 123 lux @ 3 m (with softbox)
  • 6500 K: 585 lux @ 3 m (without softbox), 126 lux @ 3 m (with softbox)

Scope of delivery:

  • 3x Amaran P60x
  • 3x P60x softbox
  • 3x P60x softbox light grid
  • 3x power supply unit
  • 3x mains cable
  • 3x swivel head with 1/4''-20 and 3/8''-16 spigots
  • 1x carrying bag

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Studio Light / Type: Continuous Light Set
Assembly (W): 1 x 60
Tripod Connection: 1/4 inch
Dimensions (cm): 25,1 x 17,5 x 3,95
Weight (g): 979

Type of Bulb: LED

Energy Supply
Operating Mode: Mains

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