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Millennium eONE

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Millennium eONE M841 - Electronic Chessboard

Online chess on the real board - The eONE is an electronic chess board especially for players who have been playing chess on the screen and who want a real & authentic playing experience. The moves are entered on the real board with real pieces. The moves are transmitted in real time via Bluetooth or USB to compatible apps or the online platform or also to compatible chess programmes. The opponent's move is displayed directly on the board using 4 LEDs.

Set up, switch on, start playing
The eONE has everything you need to play directly integrated: Bluetooth and USB data transfer, the sensors to recognise the moves and, of course, a powerful lithium battery that provides power for at least 18 hours of play. So it's set up, switch on, play, without any cables. Within seconds, the eONE is ready to play.

Online playing
With the eONE, you can play against millions of other chess players around the world using the biggest chess platforms.

  • Lichess.org: Connect the eONE via Bluetooth to the MILLENNIUM ChessLink app and play rated or unrated games on Lichess from as little as 3 minutes against friends, or from 5 minutes + 5 seconds bonus per move against opponents from all over the world. The MILLENNIUM ChessLink app is available free of charge for Android and iOS.
  • Chess.com: With the Android version of the chess.com app you can also use the eONE to play against other chess.com users. The time modes are freely selectable, there are no restrictions for board players.
  • Tornelo: Tornelo is the benchmark for all serious tournaments: Everyone feels comfortable here, whether organiser, referee or player. Designed as an all-round carefree package including player pairing draw, broadcasting and correction options for referees, the platform comes into play especially for serious sporting events.

More chess programs
There are countless other chess programmes that you can use with your eONE:

  • HIARCS Chess Explorer for Mac and PC: An extremely powerful chess program that can also integrate UCI engines, among other things, and serves many top players as a training and analysis tool.
  • Or Hiarcs for iOS (iPhone and iPad) if you want to use a powerful chess engine on your mobile device.
  • For Android devices, we recommend the powerful, free app "Chess for Android", which enables online play via the FICS and ICC servers, for example, in addition to various engines.
  • You can also use chess programmes such as BearChess, Arena, LucasChess or Shredder via various community projects.
  • The ChessLink protocol is increasingly being integrated by many programmers into their software products. The number of compatible programmes and platforms will therefore continue to increase.



  • Size: 31 x 31 x 2.2 cm
  • King height: 5.5 cm
  • Weight: board = 932 g; set of figures = 220 g
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • USB port
  • Lithium-ion battery integrated

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Product Features Gaming Computer
Feature1: usb
Feature2: bluetooth
Feature3: singleplayer
Feature4: multiplayer

Game Console: Millenium Chess Computer

Bluetooth: Yes


Energy Supply
Energy Supply: Rechargeable Battery
Type of Battery / Rechargeable Battery: Lithium-Ion
Max. Battery Life (h): 18

Colour: Black / White
Width (mm): 310
Height (mm): 22
Depth (mm): 310
Weight (g): 932

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