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B&W divider for B&W battery.case 6040 LI-ION Carry & Store

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B&W Divider for outdoor.case type 6040 Li-Ion Carry & Store

The special case manufacturer B&W International has now developed the outdoor.case type 6040 with Cirrux glass fibre inlay - the first case that is also suitable for transporting defective (not damaged) lithium ion batteries over land, water and in the air. As the batteries are highly flammable and have explosive properties even when intact, the special case had to pass extensive tests for dangerous goods packaging so that it could be approved for the transport of lithium ion batteries including lithium ion polymer batteries according to regulations. The case is suitable for transporting or storing two Li-ion batteries with a capacity of up to 750Wh per battery. A maximum battery capacity of 750 Wh per battery and a maximum total weight of 13 kg (incl. case) must not be exceeded.

For the outdoor.case type 6040, B&W International uses an adapted Cirrux glass fibre cushion as an inlay. This special padding material is characterised by the fact that it is neither flammable nor conductive and serves as a thermal insulation material. The cushion filled with glass fibres is protected against short circuits and is absorbent. Even leaking battery acid has no negative consequences. Since Cirrux as a cushion is more pressure-elastic than granulates, the material can also neither dust nor crumble.

Note: The outdoor.case type 6040 is sold separately. 

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