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Samsung S32BM80PUU SMART M8 Monitor

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Samsung S32BM80PUU SMART Monitor M8

Productivity even without a PC
No PC needed: surf the web, edit documents and work on projects. With Workmode, you can also remotely access another PC, use Microsoft 365 applications and connect to Samsung mobile devices with Samsung DeX to work seamlessly.

Control your smart home - IoT Hub
Turn the Smart Monitor into a home control centre by connecting it to your compatible IoT devices with SmartThings. Turn off the lights, lower the blinds and set the thermostat to the right temperature - all with the Smart Monitor for a relaxing evening.

Monitor and Smart TV in one
The monitor for (almost) all facets of life. With the Smart Monitor you can enjoy your entertainment, work and chat - all without needing a separate PC. Your favourite apps for streaming, work and video calls are already built in, so you can get started right away.

The series marathon can begin - Smart TV experience
Effortless entertainment with a simple Wi-Fi connection. Enjoy your streaming apps in true 4K HDR. Samsung TV Plus offers free live content with no downloads or logins and personalised content recommendations from Universal Guide.

Complement your interior - IconicSlim Design
Designed for your lifestyle, the Smart Monitor offers a modern design. With its ultra-slim, flat back, sleek camera design and beautiful colour, the monitor offers a minimalist look that fits into almost any environment and stylishly blends into your décor.

Say hello to your friends - SlimFit camera
This way you are present for every conversation. The SlimFit tilt camera lets you set the perfect angle while using your favourite video calling apps like Google Duo, which you can access directly from the screen. Plus, your privacy is protected with the camera cover and the option to detach the camera completely.

Just say what you want - Multiple voice assistants
With the Far Field voice function, you can activate your voice assistant simply by speaking. Tell the monitor directly what you want - even remotely. The Smart Monitor offers both Bixby and Amazon Alexa1.

Content made easy on the big screen - Simply connected
AirPlay lets you wirelessly connect Apple devices to the Smart Monitor and view them on a larger screen. Enjoy your favourite content from compatible iPhone, iPad and Mac on the Smart Monitor and also mirror apps, documents and websites.

Perfect precision brings details to life - UHD & HDR 10+
The UHD resolution ensures that content is brought to life impressively. With HDR 10+ with one billion colours and sRGB 99%, light and dark scenes can be reproduced with many nuances without losing important details. So you can enjoy content exactly as the director intended.

Optimum brightness in every room - Adaptive Picture
Enjoy optimal picture brightness at any time of day or night. A sensor detects the ambient light and automatically adjusts the brightness with Adaptive Picture. Even in bright daylight, you can see all the details in your movies, series or multimedia content.

Rich sound and realistic experiences - Adaptive Sound+
With built-in 2.2 channel speakers, the M8 delivers rich, realistic sound for an immersive audio experience. The updated Adaptive Sound+ adjusts the sound depending on the type of content and noise level in the user's environment, delivering refined and appropriate sound that adapts in real time.

Seamless connection - USB Type-C
The USB Type-C port2 allows you to power on, transfer data and even send display signals between devices with just one connection. The single-port design makes for a convenient and uncluttered work environment.

Uncover hidden details in your games - Ultrawide Game View
Keep your eye on the victory. Set your screen to 21:9 to see different areas in game scenes with Ultrawide Game View3. When playing football games, you can see more of the pitch. And for racing games, you'll get a natural and comprehensive view of the road ahead.

Plug in and go - Auto Source Switch +
You don't have to re-connect your cables in a complicated way. With Automatic Source Switch Plus, your monitor can recognise newly connected devices the first time they are plugged in. So you no longer have to search for the right input source.


  • Combine productivity and entertainment with the integrated TV apps
  • Modern design that blends harmoniously into any environment
  • Work effortlessly on your documents and take part in conferences - almost like using a PC

1 Amazon, Alexa and all associated marks are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Bixby voice commands recognise English (US/UK/IN), French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese (BR), Chinese (mainland China only) and Korean.
2 USB Type A devices can be connected with a USB Type C to USB Type A adapter (must be purchased separately).
3 Availability is limited to input sources that have a 21:9 output. The function may vary depending on the game or content.

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Značajke proizvoda- TFT monitori
Feature3: hdr

dijagonala zaslona (cm): 80
Veličina zaslona (Zoll): 32
maksimalna rezolucija (piksel): 3840 x 2160
Panel: VA
Zaslon na dodir: ne
odnos kontrasta: 3000:1
svjetlost: 400
omjer stranica: 16:9
Horizontalni kut gledanja (°) : 178
Vertikalni kut gledanja (°): 178
Vrijeme reakcije (ms): 4
Zaobljeni dizajn: ne

Razred energetske učinkovitosti: G
Put energetske efikasnosti: G
Colour Value: eek--class-g
HDR-primjenjiv: da
rezolucija: 4K / Ultra HD
Prilagodljiva sinkronizacija : ne
Ugradbeni zvučnik: da

Podaci o energetskoj oznaci (2017/1369/EU)
Marka: Samsung
Identifikator modela: S32BM80PUU
Klasa energetske učinkovitosti od A (najveća učinkovitost) do G (najniža učinkovitost): G
Potrošnja energije u načinu rada (kWh/1000h): 40
Klasa energetske učinkovitosti u HDR načinu rada od A (najveća učinkovitost) do G (najniža učinkovitost): G
Potrošnja energije u načinu rada u HDR načinu rada (kWh/1000h): 75
Vidljiva veličina zaslona (cm): 80
Vidljiva veličina zaslona (inči): 32
Razlučivost zaslona (Pixel): 3840 x 2160

D-Sub 15-polig (VGA): ne
Mikro HDMI: 1x

USB-C: da
USB-Hub: da
Thunderbolt: ne
HDMI: da
DisplayPort: ne

USB-C značajke
Prijenos podataka putem USB-C: da
Isporuka napajanja preko USB-C: da
DisplayPort preko USB-C: da

stalež: Uključeno
Zidni nosač: Dostupno po izboru

Podesiva visina: da
Može se naginjati (naprijed/nazad): da
Rotirajući (funkcija zakretanja): ne
Okretanje (lijevo/desno): ne

boja: ružičasto/bijelo
Visina uključujući stalak (cm): 57,52
Visina bez postolja (cm) : 41,88
Dubina uklj. stalak (cm): 20,38
Dubina bez postolja (cm) : 2,23
Težina uključujući postolje (kg) : 6,7
Težina bez postolja (kg) : 4,4

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