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DIGITUS HDMI High Speed Cab. 15m HDMI Type A, Ultra HD, gold, sw

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DIGITUS HDMI High Speed Connection Cable with Ethernet and Signal Booster, 4K UHD, gold, 15 m

This active HDMI cable is ideal for transmitting video and audio files with high bandwidth over longer distances. Thanks to the integrated signal amplifier, the transmission is lossless.


  • Type: HDMI cable
  • Length: 15 meters
  • Connection 1: HDMI plug (type A)
  • Connection 2: HDMI plug (type A)
  • Gold plated contacts
  • Supports HDMI 1.4
  • Resolution up to 4K / 30 Hz (3840 x 2160)
  • Supports the following formats / system:
    • Audio Formats: DVD-Audio, SACD, Dolby Digital Plus, True HD, dts HD
    • 3D / 3D HFR with resolution up to 1080p
    • Ethernet channel HEC
    • Deep Color 30 bit
    • Audio Return Channel ARC
    • Consumer Electronic Control CEC
    • Multi Stream Audio / Video
    • 32 channel audio
    • Lip Sync (audio / video synchronization)
    • Blue-Ray and HD-DVD (Audio / Video)
    • EDID 2.0 device detection
    • DVI 1.0
  • Operating temperature: -10 to +50 degrees
  • Operating humidity: 10 to 80% RH
  • AWG: 24
  • Double shielded
  • Copper cores
  • Color:
    • Cable: black
    • Plug: 1x black / 1x red

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Product Features Cables
Feature10: hdmi-highspeed
Feature1: hdmi-stecker

Type of Connection
30-pin (Aplle) Plug: No
Apple Lightning (8-Pin) Socket: No
Apple Lightning (8-Pin) Plug: No
DisplayPort Socket: No
DisplayPort Plug: No
DVI-D Socket: No
DVI-D Plug: No
DVI-I Socket: No
DVI-I Plug: No
eSATA Socket: No
eSATA Plug: No
FireWire Socket: No
FireWire Plug: No
HDMI (Type A) Socket: No
HDMI (Type A) Plug: Yes
HDMI Micro (Type D) Socket: No
HDMI Micro (Type D) Plug: No
HDMI Mini /Type C) Socket: No
HDMI Mini (Type C) Plug: No
Manufacturer Specific: No
Jack 3,5 mm Socket: No
Jack 3,5 mm Plug: No
Magsafe Socket: No
Magsafe2 Plug: No
Mini DisplayPort Plug: No
Mini DisplayPort Plug: No
Mini-DVI Plug: No
RJ45 Socket: No
RJ45 Plug: No
S-ATA Socket: No
S-ATA Plug: No
Thunderbolt Socket: No
Thunderbold Plug: No
USB-A Socket: No
USB-A Plug: No
USB Micro-B Socket: No
USB Micro-B Plug: No
USB Mini B Socket: No
USB Mini-B Plug: No
USB-B Socket: No
USB-B Plug: No
USB-C Socket: No
USB-C Plug: No
VGA Socket: No
VGA Plug: No

Connector A
Quantity: 1x
Form: HDMI (Typ A)
Type: Plug

Connector B
Quantity: 1x
Form: HDMI (Typ A)
Type: Plug

Cable Design: Round
Gold-Plated Contacts: Yes

Colour: Black
Cable Length (m): 15,0

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