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Halder Dreamteam Iterior Works

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Box "Dreamteam Interior" Schonhammer SIMPLEX and Schonhammer SECURAL

The Dreamteam Interior promotion box from Halder offers you two real experts in the interior design industry:

The SIMPLEX soft-face hammer D40mm (art. 3117.040) with the insert combination TPE soft / superplastic is the perfect soft-face hammer for carpentry work. The soft TPE-soft insert is ideal for work with a light touch, so that e.g. veneer work can be done without an additional piece of wood. The medium-hard Superplastic insert allows harder blows, but without damaging the wood. This model is also ideal for users in prototyping, kitchen installation and furniture assembly. The extra-light aluminium housing allows the user to easily apply and control the right amount of impact force. All components are interchangeable and retrofittable according to the smart SIMPLEX principle.

The SECURAL hammer is a real specialist for corners and edges thanks to its rectangular inserts. It is the hammer for laying parquet and laminate as well as for glazing windows. The medium-hard polyurethane inserts are replaceable. The SECURAL soft-face hammer ensures maximum rebound damping thanks to its low weight of 700 g and the shot filling in the hammer head. Thus, the full impact force is transmitted. The mallet is absolutely "safe", as welded lengthwise, the housing ensures an absolutely unbreakable connection between the hammer head and the handle.


  • Value box with 2 Halder soft-face hammers perfectly suitable for interior work
  • Contains the SIMPLEX soft-face hammer D40mm with the insert combination TPE-Soft (soft, no abrasion) / Superplastic (medium hard, wear-resistant, very durable)
  • The extra-light aluminium housing with integrated protective handle cover allows the user to easily apply and control the right amount of impact force
  • All parts can be replaced / retrofitted, resulting in great cost savings and environmental friendliness
  • The perfect soft-face hammer for carpentry, kitchen assembly, prototype construction and furniture assembly.
  • In addition, the recoilless SECURAL soft-face hammer
  • The hammer for laying parquet and laminate as well as for glazing windows.
  • Extremely high impact force with low weight
  • Replaceable, rectangular and medium-hard inserts made of polyurethane
  • Enables noise-reducing and absolutely rebound-free working
  • Perfectly break-proof connection between hammer head and handle due to the longitudinal welds of the housing

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Type: Soft Face Hammer

Material Head: Aluminium
Diameter (mm): 40
Material Impact Surface: Plastic

Material Grip: Wood
Material Handle: Wood

Colour: Multi-Colour
Length (mm): 300 / 325
Weight (g): 680

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