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Levenhuk Wezzer Cook MT90

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Levenhuk Wezzer Cook MT90 Kitchen Thermometer

Levenhuk Wezzer Cook MT90 is a kitchen thermometer with four thermoprobes. Each thermoprobe is equipped with a 1 m long flexible cable. The device measures the temperature of several dishes at the same time. It does not matter where the food is: in the oven, on the cooker or on the grill. The data is clearly visible on the integrated display: The digits are large and high-contrast, with integrated backlighting.

Below this are control buttons for switching the appliance and the backlight on and off and for synchronising the thermometers with your mobile device. The other functions (unit of measurement selection, meat type selection, overheat alarm, temperature tables, etc.) are available via the Smart Life/Tuya Smart Mobile app. Pairing the thermometer with your smartphone is explained in the instructions.

The Levenhuk Wezzer Cook MT90 thermometer can measure the temperature not only of food but also of many other substances. It can be used to measure the temperature of air, water and earth - the values are measured precisely. In an emergency, it can serve as a medical clinical thermometer and measure your body temperature when you feel unwell. Tea lovers can use the device to monitor the brewing conditions of a chosen beverage, while backpackers can use it to check the temperature in a portable cooler.

The device has a slim design and the housing is made of very robust ABS plastic. The device is powered by a rechargeable battery that is charged via a Type-C cable. Includes an automatic shut-off function.


  • Four separate thermal probes
  • Flexible cable for ideal placement of the thermoprobes
  • Battery operated; automatic shut-off function to save power
  • Advanced features via the Smart Life/Tuya Smart Mobile app

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princip promjene
Tip: Kitchen Thermometer
Način rada: Baterija

Raspon mjerenja (°C): -20 ... +300
prikaz: °C / °F
Vodootporan: da

automatsko prekidanje: da
Preklopljiv: ne
Aplikacija omogućena: da

opskrba energijom
Opskrba energijom: Baterija
Vrsta baterije/punjive baterije: Litij-ionska baterija
Potreban broj: 1

boja: crna
Materijal: Plastika

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