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walimex pro Action Set for GoPro

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walimex pro Action Set II GoPro

The walimex pro Action Set GoPro II is a basic set consisting of the innovative Aptaris Cage and the walimex table camera tripod. The Cage gives you the possibility to mount additional accessories like LED-lamp or microphone directly to the camera. The multi-function handle enables you to hold the camera securely and serves also as a tripod.

walimex pro Aptaris GoPro
walimex pro Aptaris GoPro Hero has been specially developed for GoPro Hero 2, 3/3+ and 4 and thereby matches the camera by 100 %. Aptaris is thereby fastened to the GoPro housing with just a flick of the wrist and is then ready for any use in action.
Aptaris not only offers you additional protection for your GoPro, but, with its large number of 1/4 inch threads and the 2 3/8 inch threads, also enables the attachment of accessories on all sides. For exciting perspectives or near ground level filming you can also attach a handle - either from underneath, at the top or at the sides. Aptaris gives you highest flexibility, irrespective of the type of use. Due to the outstanding fitting accuracy you still have unrestricted access to all control elements.
And another special highlight: The GoPro housing can be opened and the camera removed, without having to dismount the cage system.
Developed in cooperation with the German manufacturer SIX, Aptaris convinces with highest accuracy in workmanship, outstanding material properties and well thought-out engineering. Continuous quality inspections ensure premium quality and extreme longevity, even under highest loads in permanent use. This is supported by exceptional material properties: Aptaris is made of extremely light aircraft aluminium and stainless steel. With its weight of only 110 g, Aptaris GoPro is very comfortable in use and also very stable. Thanks to the black anodizing Aptaris additionally scores with its noble design.

walimex pro table and camera tripod
The Table and Camera Tripod by walimex with a height of 10cm is a particularly compact tripod which you can use with compact cameras in many situations. At a weight of only 100g, it can be transported in any bag without problems and without weighing you down.
The tripod can be used as a table tripod on the one hand, but on the other hand the tripod head can also be tilted by 90 degrees and then be used as a pan handle in connection with a ball head – ideal for video recording. For mounting on a ball head, it comes with a 1/4 inch thread on the bottom. The tripod is set up and folded within seconds.
The tripod is made from sturdy plastic. The camera plate is rubberized in order to prevent the camera from slipping, and it comes with a 1/4 inch camera thread. The maximum load capacity of the tripod is approx. 0.5kg.

Technical specification:

Table and camera tripod, 10 cm

  •  Height approx10cm
  • Weight approx 100g
  • Max. Load Capacity approx. 0,5kg
  • Connection 1/4 inch
  • Material plastic

Aptaris Cage

  • Outside measurements 84 mm x 93 mm x 37 mm (HxWxD)
  • Inside measurements 70 mm x 80 mm x 37mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight approx 110 g

Included in delivery:

  • walimex pro Action Set GoPro II, including 1x walimex pro Aptaris for GoPro Hero, 1x walimex table and camera tripod, 10 cm

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Type: Cage System

Max. Weight Capacity (kg): 0,5
Camera Connection Thread: 1/4"
Material: Metal / Plastic
Colour: Black
Weight (g): 100

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