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Visible Dust EZ SwabLight Kit Vdust green Vswabs 1.6x

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Visible Dust EZ SwabLight Kit Vdust Green Vswabs 1.6x

The Visible Dust EZ SwabLight Kit Vdust Plus Green Vswabs contains:

  • VDust Plus cleaning liquid (1.15 ml)
  • Ultra MXD-100 sensor cleaning swabs — Vswabs (1.6x/16 mm, 4 per pack)
  • SwabLight

VDust Plus Liquid cleaner
EZ Smear Away is strong anti fog capability/very strong anti static capability and removes smear on first swipe. Anti scratch components prevents contaminants from scratching the sensor while cleaning. Very strong oil and lubricant remover, removes the toughest stain, non flammable, non alcoholic, pollen remover, for use with Ultra MXD-100 green Vswab.

Vswabs 1.6 (16mm), green
Green MXD-100 Vswab patented V shape results best maneuverability inside chamber. It is compatible with all three Liquid cleaner solutions.
Multi fabric ensures best results for oil and smear removal and its soft texture is safe on coated sensor. Perfect for fluorine coated sensor cleaning, streak free motion.
Only for use with APS-C sensor cameras.

Visible Dust SwabLight

SwabLight is an unique product from VisibleDust to enhance and facilitate the DSLR sensor cleaning technique.

Since the sensor of digital camera is buried deep inside the chamber wall and covered with a dark surface to prevent lights from bouncing off, therefore this is a very difficult task for operator to position the swab exactly along the sensor edges, avoiding contamination by accidental contact with chamber walls. Most swab handles are made thin with little grip to be held firmly in hands reducing proper manipulation. A better grip on swab handle results for a more uniform pressure and movement producing streak free cleaning. SwabLight from VisibleDust greatly overcomes these deficiencies by having:

  • A better and a firm swab grip for a proper movement and pressure for streak free results.
  • A better swab positioning on the sensor to easily master edge to edge sensor cleaning.
  • A better and clear view of the sensor surface during sensor cleaning.

Above all, using SwabLight from VisibleDust lessens the fear associated with self sensor cleaning, greatly enhances efficiency and the results reducing the number of swabs used per sensor cleaning session leading to more saving. SwabLight takes you to a completely higher professional level and fun sensor cleaning experience.

Download VisibleDust - compatibility list


Hazard and Precautionary Statements:


  • (P102) Keep out of reach of children.

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Product Features
Feature1: ghs07-ausrufezeichen-achtung

Cleaning & Care: Cleaning Set

Detergent: 1
Cleaning Swab: 4
Plug-On Light: 1

Swab (Type): MXD100 (green)
Swab (Size): 1.6x (16 mm)
Cleaning Fluid: VDust Plus
Content (ml): 1,15

Purpose of Use: Sensor Cleaning

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