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Gigaset GL590 black

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Gigaset GL590

Are you looking for a cell phone with which you can communicate flexibly in everyday life? Without technical bells and whistles and with all the functions you need? The Gigaset GL590 is particularly user-friendly - especially for people with hearing and sight impairments. This is ensured by an easy-to-read display and the large keypad, including a talking dialer that repeats every digit you press. The senior cell phone is also hearing aid compatible and adapts to your hearing habits thanks to the very loud ring and call volume settings. You can even make calls in hands-free mode if you want to do something else in addition to the call. The flip phone is 12.5 cm small when folded and fits in any pocket thanks to its compact format. 


  • Easy-to-use GSM flip phone for the older generation with convenient features and SOS function
  • Large, illuminated buttons and an easy-to-read display
  • Three direct dial buttons and SOS emergency call function
  • Talking keypad
  • Extra high call and ringtone volume
  • First-class sound quality when making calls
  • Very long battery life
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Helpful functions such as dual SIM + micro SD, camera, Bluetooth, calculator and FM radio

SOS button and speed dial keys - your safety on the move
In addition to functionality and ease of use, the Gigaset GL590 offers you one thing above all: peace of mind. Enjoy the security of knowing that your most important contacts are just a push of a button away. Save the phone numbers of your family members, neighbors or doctors on one of the three speed dial keys (A, B, C). The SOS button on the back of the screen can be used to call up to five stored contacts in succession in an emergency - until someone answers. In addition, automated text messages with a freely configurable emergency text are sent at the touch of a button and an alarm tone on the device alerts people in the immediate vicinity.

This makes your GL590 the perfect everyday companion
Handy and functional: Despite its compact format, the Gigaset GL590 has a clearly arranged keypad and a 2.8-inch color display. This allows you to easily control many additional functions such as camera, calendar, FM radio, Bluetooth and calculator. The battery guarantees up to 10 hours of talk time and 550 hours of standby time so that you can be reached reliably even on longer trips. And if your phone ever needs charging, simply use the fixed charging station - without having to search for the right cable or plug again and again. 

The Gigaset life series: The best technology for every phase of life
A quick call if the doctor's appointment takes longer, being available for the family even when out shopping and the certainty of being able to call for help at any time - it is particularly important for older people to be able to communicate conveniently and from anywhere. With the life series, Gigaset offers a wide range of products specially tailored to senior citizens. For example, the Gigaset GL590: As the second cell phone in the series, the user-friendly flip phone makes mobile telephony as uncomplicated as can be. Discover many helpful functions and simply stay mobile - at any age.

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osobine mobilni telefoni / smartphone
Feature2: bluetooth
Feature3: kamera
Feature6: dual-sim

Rukovanje: Tipkovnica mobitela
Utor za SIM karticu: Mini-SIM
Dual- SIM: da
Podjela Dual-SIM: 2x SIM
spremnik pozivnog broja: 150
Polifone melodije zvona: da
vibracioni alarm: da
MP3- Player: ne
Video-Player: ne
Radio: da
Džepna svjetiljka: ne
Kalkulator: da
Funkcija hitnog poziva: da
integrirana handsfree oprema: da
Glasnoća se može dodatno podesiti: da
Kompatibilno sa slušnim aparatom: da

Utor za memorijsku karticu: da
Tip memorijske kartice: microSD
maksimalna veličina memorijske kartice (GB): 32

Slušalice- priključak: ne

WLAN: ne

5G: ne
LTE/4G: ne
UMTS/3G: ne
GSM/2G: da

dijagonala zaslona (cm): 7,3
Veličina zaslona (inči): 2,8
Rezolucija (Pixel): 240 x 320

Kamera: da
Zadnja kamera: ne
Rezolucija stražnje kamere (mil. piksela) : 0,3
Bljeskalica: da

opskrba energijom
Opskrba energijom: Baterija
Vrsta baterije: Litij ion
Kapacitet (mAh): 800
Maks. Vrijeme razgovora (sati): 10
maksimalno standby vrijeme (sat): 550

osobine kućišta
Na otvorenom: ne

boja: crna
Dimenzije (mm): 109,4 x 58,0 x 18,8
Širina (mm): 58
Visina (mm): 18,8
dubina (mm): 109,4
Težina (g): 113

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