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Technisat DIGIT ISIO S2 silver

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Digit ISIO S2 is a digital HDTV satellite receiver which enables you not only to receive digital programmes via satellite but also to have access to the internet. Discover Internet on your TV and enjoy the access to TechniSat´s new service portal ISIO Live! Free browsing is possible as well. Digit ISIO S2 is DVR ready which means you can record TV and radio broadcasts to an external storage device (eg to an USB hard disc drive). Thanks to the integrated TWIN tuner it is possible to record one programme while watching another one at the same time by connecting an external storage device. When using your home network, Digit ISIO S2 supports Universal Plug and Play (server and client), and you can easily handle a variety of multimedia data such as digital pictures, music and videos.

ISIO Internet-Technologie
Fitted with comprehensive IP functionalities, this unit permits access to interactive services, media libraries, free browsing on the Internet, calling-up "Video-on-demand" services and use of HbbTV applications. (HbbTV is a technology that allows access to channel-related Internet content while watching TV.)

With watchmi, you can use the integrated "SiehFern INFO" programme information service to enjoy TV on demand on numerous TechniSat devices. By integrating watchmi subject-based channels - the personal TV viewing service from Axel Springer Digital TV - into the digital "SiehFern INFO" programme information service, the internet and television are finally melded into a new interactive medium.

Interactive additional services and additional information about the current channel via internet

"SiehFern INFO Plus" (SFI+)
This extended electronic programme information service (ePID) allows TechniSat to offer a free current and comprehensive overview of a large number of channels. The programme preview extends up to seven days and has been extended to include a search function, a sorting function for genres and (with satellite reception) picture material on selected programmes. The timers can be activated quickly and easily via SiehFern INFO Plus.

The free TechniSat channel list manager does away with tedious manual channel scanning. When channels change frequency or switch on/off, this service provides an automatic way of updating the list of channels available. This process runs if you have agreed to updating. Customised lists are retained and amended where necessary.

This free updating service from TechniSat keeps the software on your device up to date. As soon as enhancements or improvements to the operating software are available, the set carries out an automatic software update at the appropriate time (adjustable in the menu on the TV). This ensures a high level of future-security and a wider and improved range of functions.

When using the TV for the first time you must create a few important settings (specifically adaptation to local conditions). Clear instructions from the installation wizard provided by TechniSat guide you through easy-to-understand dialogues, enabling you to carry out the required configuration easily and rapidly. Your TV will therefore be ready for use in a short time.

TechniFamily can be used to set up password-protected user profiles. Customised access options and restrictions can be defined for each profile, e.g. for selected channels, daily television viewing times and a maximum duration of use. In this way parents can adjust viewing behaviour as appropriate for the child.

MyTechniSat App
It has never been easier to use your receiver for TV, remote programming or multimedia. With the MyTechniSat smartphone app, compatible devices can be controlled directly via a smartphone touchscreen; programme data and timers on the device can be viewed remotely via the internet and managed via a convenient touchscreen interface. MyTechniSat also offers you smart multimedia functions.

HDTV stands for High Definition Television, thus for outstanding picture quality. With HDTV, pictures can be displayed in much greater detail and with much finer gradations. Contrast and contours are more precise and colours truer to their originals. Furthermore, the wide screen format on HDTV broadcasts corresponds much better to human visual perception. So it creates a more vivid impression overall.

Twin tuner
The tuner is available as a twin unit. This means that two channels can be processed at once, i.e. you can watch one programme and record another at the same time. You can also watch two programmes in parallel (Picture in Picture).

This very handy and popular type of recording enables you to start playing back while you are still recording. Hence recording and playback take place simultaneously. Recordings being played back can be stopped at any time and resumed again later. It is also possible to repeat favourite scenes and skip over unwanted sections. You can now set the start time and progress of a programme yourself.

Perfect Recording
Detection of broadcast time postponement in DVR mode.

1 x Common Interface (CI+)
This TV has a Common Interface (CI+). This is a (common) interface used in combination with a CI+ module and corresponding SmartCard to enable access to encrypted programming such as Pay TV or Pay Radio.

The TV can be operated using both 230V to the normal mains and a 12V power supply system e.g. for a vehicle. Hence it is suitable for mobile use e.g. when camping.

Pay TV ready
This TV also enables you to receive encrypted channel content requiring payment (Pay TV). To receive Pay TV, you need a subscription to the relevant Pay TV provider.

Thanks to HD-XTRA this device is perfectly suited for the widest possible range of HDTV channels. Youcan not onlyreceive all free-to-air HDTV channels, but thanks to the integrated CI+ interfaceyou can as well receive HD channels of all kinds of available Pay TV offers, like e.g. Sky, HD+ and others.

Universal Plug And Play (UPnP)
This TV can be easily integrated into a home network via the integrated Ethernet interface (with optional additional WLAN adapter), enabling various multi-media devices such as a PC, TV, hi-fi, digital cameras and much more to be interconnected by UPnP/DLNA.

Integrated Conax decryption system with SmartCard reader for receiving Pay TV and Pay Radio programming.

Network interface
A network interface can be used to connect the device to the home network via, for example, a DSL router.

HTML5-based video-on-demand services such as YouTube can be used on ISIO devices thanks to integrated HTML5 support. As HTML5 video is the standard for integrating video on websites, there will be many additional HTML5 offerings available on ISIO receivers in the future.

PIP function
The Picture in Picture (PIP) function enables the TV picture for one channel to be minimised and shown at the edge of the screen while another is watched on the main TV screen.

HDMI (out)
This high performance interface is provided especially for fast digital transmission of high-resolution pictures and sophisticated sound without loss. Even complex picture content and fast-moving sequences are displayed in first-class quality. Besides their high performance capability, HDMI connections are distinguished by bidirectional data transmission.

3 x USB
Three USB HighSpeed interfaces enable simple connection and fast digital data transmission of up to 480 Mbit/s to various devices.

SD card reader
Reader for Flash storage cards in SD/MMC Format.

This receiver is compatible with all TechniRouter products. It supports SCR technology with the extended DiSEqC protocol as per European standard EN 50494. SCR (Satellite Channel Routing) is a technology that is used to transmit multiple satellite channels to a specified receiver at a unique frequency in a single cable system.

Freesat Digital
A wide range of TV and radio broadcaster channels can be received via satellite as this is possible via cable and antenna. Hundreds of international TV and radio channels can be received for free via the Astra 19.2° East satellite position alone.

TV and Radio
Reception of all free digital TV and radio channels via satellite


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Product Features Set-Top Boxes
Feature1: dvb-s2
Feature2: hdmi
Feature3: usb
Feature4: usb-recording
Feature5: usb-recording

Type: Satellite Receiver

TV Reception
DVB-S: Yes
DVB-S2: Yes
DVB-C2: No
DVB-T2 (free-to-air HD channels): No
DVB-T2 HD (unlockable for private stations): No

Internet TV
Direct Internet Access: Yes
HbbTV: Yes

Bluetooth: Yes

Single Cable Distribution: Yes (EN50607)
Common Interface: 1x CI+
HD+: Optional
USB Recording: Yes
Time Shift: Yes
Number of Tuners: 2
Programme Memory Place: 10000
Automatic Channel List Management: Yes
Picture-in-Picture (PiP): Yes
EPG: Yes
Timer: Yes

Display: Dot Matrix
Display: Alphanumerical

Scart: 1x
Audio-Out: Yes
Digital Output Optical: Yes
Digital-Out SPDIF: Yes
USB: Yes
USB: 3x USB-A 2.0
Network (RJ 45): Yes
HDMI-Out: 1x
Memory Card Slot: SD
12V Connection: Yes

Power Consumption
Max. operating power consumption (W): 22,0
Typical operating power consumption (W): 13
Power consumption standby mode (W): 0,3

Colour: Silver
Width (mm): 286
Height (mm): 40
Depth (mm): 155
Weight (kg): 1,94

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