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Seagate BarraCuda ST1000DM010 1TB

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Versatile. Fast. Reliable. The strongest hard drive you've ever seen.

Versatile, fast and reliable

The BarraCuda offers the largest storage capacity for desktop and mobile computers in the industry. With hard drives up to 10 TB of storage capacity, the BarraCuda portfolio is a great option for inexpensive upgrades. The uncompromising BarraCuda Pro combines leading storage capacity with a spindle speed of 7,200 rpm for brisk performance and short loading times in games or under heavy loads.

Incredible versatility

With BarraCuda hard drives, you get the most out of your storage. Whether computers full of photos and memories or gaming PCs that need more space for games - the BarraCuda grows with you.

Perfect performance thanks to the 2.5-inch BarraCuda hard drive!

Storage for laptops and mobile devices

Experience the highest capacity and the thinnest 2.5-inch hard drive you've ever seen. You can choose from massive storage capacities from 500 GB to 2TB - enough space for all your applications and data on a hard drive with a slim form factor of 7 mm, which also makes system updates very easy.

External storage and storage for All-in-One-PCs

You can also choose a 2.5-inch hard drive with a 15 mm form factor and 3, 4 or 5 TB of storage capacity. Such a hard drive offers enough space for your important work files and all data that are particularly important to you. This hard drive is the perfect solution to upgrade your external storage device or to increase the memory in your all-in-one or slim PC.

Perfect performance thanks to the 3.5-inch BarraCuda hard drive!

Solid reliability based on over 20 years of innovation. Versatile mix of high storage capacity and affordable price for every budget. Multi-Tier Caching Technology ™ ensures excellent hard drive performance.

Introducing the brand new 3.5-inch BarraCuda Pro hard drive!

The BarraCuda Pro is the dream of every creative professional and technology enthusiast. At 7,200 RPM, the BarraCuda Pro is the fastest 10 TB desktop hard drive on the market. The enormous cache memory allows your PC to reach new heights in performance, so that you can load applications and files even faster.

Multi-tier caching technology

All hard drives in the BarraCuda product family are equipped with Multi-Tier Caching (MTC). MTC enables your PC to reach new heights in performance so that you can load applications and files faster than ever. Thanks to intelligent NAND flash layers, DRAM and media cache technologies, BarraCuda offers improved read and write performance by optimizing the flow of data.

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Capacity 1.0 TB
Interface typeSATA3 (max.6 GBit/s)
Rotation speed 7200 rpm
Cache 64 MB
Form factor 3.5"
Suitable for continuous operationNo
Hybrid-Festplatte No
Special features Not specified
Height Not specified
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