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Lancom 1790-4G EU

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The LANCOM 1790-4G gets you connected, whatever type of Internet connection you have on-site - be it a fast connection via LTE/4G, or external modems backed up by LTE/4G. At locations without a wired Internet connection, the LANCOM 1790-4G offers a professional-grade primary Internet access based on the mobile communications standard LTE Advanced.
  • Connects external modems
  • Secure site connectivity via VPN
  • Stateful inspection firewall
  • Advanced routing & forwarding
  • Connects external modems
    The LANCOM 1790-4G connects to an external modem via the Gigabit Ethernet interface, which makes you completely independent of the on-site Internet connection type.
  • Secure site connectivity via VPN
    The LANCOM 1790-4G offers high levels of security. The LANCOM VPN option upgrades the router to support many VPN channels. This ensures that your network is perfectly scalable and can grow on demand - without needing additional hardware.
  • Stateful inspection firewall
    Equipped with a stateful inspection firewall, the LANCOM 1790-4G protects the entire network. With features such as intrusion prevention and denial-of-service protection, this business VPN router provides optimal protection and secures all of the data on the network.
  • Advanced routing & forwarding
    The LANCOM 1790-4G provides securely isolated IP contexts, each of which has its own separate routing. This is an elegant way of operating IP applications with one central router and keeping the different communication channels securely separated from one another.

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Product Type Router
WiFi Standard keine Angaben
WiFi Transfer Rate not specified
Ethernet standard GB-LAN
LAN Ports 3
WPA2 encryption not specified
Telefonfunktion keine Angaben
All-IP ready Nein
Radio band keine Angaben
WLAN-Abdeckung keine Angaben
Meshable Nein
Besonderheiten keine Angaben
Kompatibles Smart Home keine Angaben
Integrated Modem LTE
USB-Anschlüsse 1x USB 2.0
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