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Philips HR1945/80 Slow sokokvnik

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2.322,77 kn

Naša najniža cijena za gotovinsko/virmansko plaćanje: 2.181,00 kn

  • Dostupno na skladištu dobavljača

  • Vrijeme isporuke:
    Unutar 7-12 radnih dana.

  • Dostava je besplatna za ovaj artikl.

  • Platite na 2 do 36 mjesečnih rata.
    Već od 64,52 kn/mj.

Philips innovative MicroMasticating technology is designed to open up the cells of fruits and vegetables to squeeze the maximum out. With less preparation time thanks to large feeding tube. After juicing all parts can be rinsed clean.
  • MicroMasticating technology
  • Extract all the goodness from fruits and vegetable
  • Pre-clean function squeezes last drops of juice out
  • A juicer you can finally rinse clean
  • Thoughtfully designed for your kitchen
  • MicroMasticating technology
    Fruits and vegetables have many thousands of cells that contain juice, vitamins and other vital nutrients. Philips innovative MicroMasticating technology is designed to open up the cells to squeeze the maximum of your favorite ingredients.
  • Soft fruits to hard vegetables
    Make delicious healthy juices from soft fruits and hard vegetables. You can juice all your favorite combinations and use those products even for those especial starch ingredients that are normally very difficult to juice such as bananas or mangos.
  • Leaves, greens and nuts
    Leaves and greens full of fibers are also great ingredients for healthy juices and they can all be processed in this juicer. Wheatgrass, spinach and many others could be an important health adder to your daily juices with MicroMasticating technology. You can even use certain kind of nuts, like the almond to prepare almond milk.
  • Pre-clean function
    The pre-clean function is a special program that squeezes last drops of juice out of the juicer while cleaning the inside of your product at the same time. This will help you to get more from your fruits and vegetables and avoid that valuable juice goes to waste in the cleaning process.

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