Šifra: Philips scd501/00

Philips Avent SCD501/00 DECT dječji telefon - ODMAH DOSTUPNO

531,44 kn  424,94 kn

Naša najniža cijena za gotovinsko/virmansko plaćanje: 399,00 kn

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  • Artikl je raspoloživ, isporuka odmah.

  • Range: up to 300m 
  • Nightlight function 
  • Energy-saving Smart ECO mode
A secure connection to your baby
Night light:
Constant connection with your baby
Automatic energy-saving Smart ECO mode:
The unique Smart ECO mode reduces transmission power and increases battery life. The closer you are to your baby, the less energy you need for a perfect connection (not available in the US and Canada). 
Always know when your baby phone is within reach and connected:
The parent unit notifies you when the baby's phone is out of range or when the battery is low, so you can be sure that you are always connected to your baby. 
Noise Indicators indicate whether your baby is making noise
Lights indicate the sound level in your baby's room, even if the parent unit is muted.
Range up to 300 meters * Range up to 300 meters *
Indoor range up to 50 meters *, Outdoor range up to 300 meters * 
* The reception area of ??the baby phone depends on the environment and other factors that could interfere with the transmission signal. 
The unit is powered by mains or batteries.
The unit is powered by mains power. You can also use batteries to use the parent unit wirelessly. Use two non-rechargeable 1.5V R6 AA alkaline batteries or two 1.2V R6 AA rechargeable batteries. 
Absolutely interference-free for a private atmosphere thanks to DECT technology:
Thanks to DECT technology, interference-free transmission from other transmitters such as babyphones, cordless telephones and mobile phones can be ensured. The data encryption allows a secure private connection so that only you can hear your baby. 
Perfect sound thanks to DECT technology:
Listen to every giggle, chuckle, and hiccup in crystal-clear quality. The DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) technology enables high quality and crystal-clear sound, so you can always hear your baby. 
Higher operating time of up to 24 hours:
Thanks to the small, rechargeable battery pack, you can be reached up to 24 hours wireless up to the next charge. However, this depends on the type of battery you use and how often and how long you use the battery pack. 
Breaking Night Light:
If your baby is still restless after you put it to bed, you can soothe it by the warm, quiet light of the night light and gently sleep. 
Product features:
  • DECT technology
  • Calm night light
  • Range in indoor rooms up to 50 m
  • Range outdoors up to 330 meters
  • Connection and range indication
  • 120 channels
  • Automatic channel selection
  • Noise level indication: 5 LEDs
  • Volume control and sound activation
  • Operating time for battery operation: 24 hours
  • Low battery warning
  • Volume Control
  • Volume indicator
  • Energy-saving Smart ECO mode

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